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3 Ways to Pay

Close up view of a U.S. quarter

Coin Operated

The old-fashioned way…

All our games are coin-operated, and range in price from 50 cents to $1 per play. We have a change-machine on site for your convenience.

Unlimited Play Swipe Cards at Blizzard Mountain Pinball

Unlimited Play Swipe-Cards

All our games operate with the use of swipe-cards.

One great option is our unlimited play swipe-card. Each guest can purchase a card for 1 hour ($12), 2 hours ($18), or all day ($25)–All the games you can play for the time purchased!

Pay-Per-Play Swipe Card

Pay-Per-Play Swipe-Cards

If you prefer to pay-per-play, we can also load a swipe-card for you at the front desk with payment by cash or credit card. Not only is it a convenient option, it’s also a bargain compared to using quarters–The more you load on your card, the lower your cost is per play!

The Swipe-Card Point System

  • $1 = 1 point
    • (Thus a $1 game costs 1 point, a 50 cent game costs .50 points, a 75 cent game costs .75 points.)
  • $1-$9 = 1 point per dollar
    • (Spending $1 will put 1 point on your card)
  • $10-$19 = 1.10 points per dollar
    • (Spending $10 will put 11 points on your card)
  • $20-$49 = 1.15 points per dollar
    • (Spending $20 will put 23 points on your card)
  • $50-$99 = 1.26 points per dollar
    • (Spending $50 will put 63 points on your card)
  • $100+ = 1.33 points per dollar
    • (Spending $100 will put 133 points on your card)

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