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Monthly Flipper Frenzy!

2nd Sunday of each month, 5pm start! Open to all!

Join us for our monthly tournament! $5 entry plus cost of games played, with 100% of entry fees paid out in prizes! (Tournament players get 20% off gameplay for the night!)

We play 2 hours of continuous games, so you get to play lots of matches during the event! You will be randomly assigned to a game and an opponent. If you were player 1, you move on to another match and become player 2 with a different game and opponent. After that, you go into a short “queue” before being sent out again as player 1 in a new match, and so forth! It is fast-paced (hence the “frenzy”) and a lot of fun!

The standings are based off of your win/loss average after the 2 hours of play, and the top half of all the players advance to the playoffs!


Women’s Flipper Frenzy!

Generally held on the 1st Saturday of the month! (Check out our Facebook Events for exact dates!)

Like our monthly open flipper frenzy, the women’s tournament is also a $5 entry plus cost of games played, with 100% of entry fees paid out in prizes! (Tournament players get 20% off gameplay for the night!) Women’s tournaments are a great way to familiarize yourself with pinball events and to meet some wonderful women who also love pinball! Just by playing in the tournament, you will become a world-ranked pinball player with the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) and will earn Women’s WPPRs (World Pinball Player Ranking points).

The format for the Women’s Flipper Frenzy is exactly the same as our regular monthly Flipper Frenzy described above. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Monday Night League!

Our next league starts this spring! (Stay tuned for the start date.) We’d be happy to explain how the league works, and the league players would love to tell you all about it too! It’s a great way to meet some wonderful people, and to learn a lot about the games and pick up new flipper skills!

Info for our league:  Dues are $40 (plus cost of games played), and league players will get 20% off gameplay for the night! The $40 will go into a prize pool to be awarded after the final playoff night.

Here’s how it works: on each league night, we will play 5 games in 3- or 4-player groups. 1st place on a game gets you 4 points, 2nd gets you 3, etc. After each week we recalculate your average and the next week you’ll play against others with a similar average. This will continue for 10 weeks. For the finals playoff on 2/20, we’ll take the top players and put them in the A division, everyone else will be in B division. Prize money will be divvied up between the two divisions so everyone will have a chance to win!

This league WILL be IFPA sanctioned. You only need to be here for 6 of the 10 weeks to qualify for finals. Note that if you make all 10 weeks, you’ll drop 2 of your worst weeks for seeding in the finals. Attending 9 of the 10 weeks will drop 1, 8 or fewer weeks won’t drop any. 

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We are really looking forward to hosting the league again!  Pinball leagues are fun for all ages and skill levels.  Learn how to be a better player! Learn strategies to play your favorite games even better!  We hope to see you here

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