Dean Grover

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Dean Grover Memorial Tournaments and Charity Fundraisers

Dean was such a valued member of our pinball community, and we have all felt his absence tremendously since his passing in December 2022. Dean was a talented programmer of pinball machines, a fierce tournament competitor, and one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. Our pinball community came together to honor Dean through a series of tournaments and events, and to raise funds for a charity that has been important to the Grover family: The CU Transplant Fund. You can still donate to the fund directly at the link below!

Dean Grover standing next to the Spider Man Pinball Machine

If you donate directly to the Fund, please send us an email and we’ll add your contribution to the grand total!



Dean Grover Assault the Vault Memorial Fundraiser—Organized by Kevin Ryan at the Dory Hill Pinball Campout—September 9, 2023

Two tokens with the image of a grim reaper and the initials "ADG"

The 1up Colfax Dean Grover Reaper Event—October 15th, 2023:

The Reaper’s GWV Pinball Tournament at 1Up Greenwood Village—November 26th, 2023


The Polar Plunge and Dean Grover Memorial Tournament at Blizzard Mountain Pinball— December 7th-10th:

Man having fun playing pinball.
4 people in front of pinball machines holding their prize money
Man wearing Santa hat in front of pinball
Woman standing in front of pinball machines
Two men standing in front of pinball machines
Four winners of pinball tournament holding their prize envelopes.
Two men playing pinball.
Two men holding envelopes in front of pinball machines.
Two people holding envelopes in front of man playing pinball.
Four people playing pinball.
Giveaway set up for gumball machine.
Three people playing pinball.
Close up on Road Show pinball machine.
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Project Pinball Plaque Placement—Children’s Hospital—December 21st:

Dean's Project Pinball plaque
Dean's wife Sam hold Dean's Plaque in front of the Iron Man pinball machine.
A group of people hold the plaque in front of a pinball machine.
Dean's Project Pinball plaque on the Iron Man Pinball machine
Dean's wife and daughter take a photo of Dean's plaque on the Iron Man pinball machine.
Project Pinball 2
Project Pinball 1
Project Pinball 3
Project Pinball 4
Project Pinball 5
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Dean Grover Memorial Pingolf Tournament—Lyons Classic Pinball—December 31st:

A picture of a person playing pinball from behind at a tournament at Lyons Classic Pinball in honor of Dean Grover.
People playing pinball.
People playing pinball, woman is in foreground smiling.
Lyons 1
Lyons 2
Lyons 3
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Dean holding trophy
Dean with 4 others all holding trophies
Dean with friends
Dean and Donovan staring at each other
In memory of Dean Grover picture
Dean and friends at restaurant table
Dean with Zach and Kevin McCarthy
Dean holding money in front of pinball machines
ADG in Blue
Dean and other people winning a pinball tournament
Dean with Ryan holding money
Dean with Donovan and Walt
Dean with Mike in front of pinball machines
Dean 1
Dean 2
Dean 3
Dean 12
Dean 5
Dean 6
Dean 7
Dean 8
Dean 4
Dean 9
Dean 10
Dean 13
Dean 14
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