Code of Conduct

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Why Do We Need a Code of Conduct?

Blizzard Mountain Pinball is a family-friendly environment dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Because Blizzard is so much fun, we are growing rapidly. As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we clearly define acceptable and unacceptable behavior in order to honor the vision and values that make our events fun, safe, and successful.

What Does The Code of Conduct Apply To?

The code of conduct applies to events, which are defined as leagues, tournaments, party room events, and special occasions. An event is 1 league night or 1 tournament night.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Harassment and hostility will not be tolerated at Blizzard. We strive to create an accepting environment and do not allow harassment of any kind. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Harassment also includes deliberate intimidation, making disparaging comments about players to other players, stalking, harassing photography or recording, harassing electronic communication, inappropriate physical contact, and unwanted sexual attention. Harassment of someone not affiliated with Blizzard while participating in an event also falls under these guidelines. Additionally, harassment transpiring in any pinball event, regardless of whether or not it is held at Blizzard, may be subject to the same repercussions discussed below at tournament directors’ discretion.

Any harassment, expressed threats, or violent actions will result in immediate ejection from the event and could result in a permanent ban from future events. Other possible grounds for ejection or ban include but are not limited to inappropriate physical contact, unwanted sexual attention, theft, disruptive intoxication/drug use, use of illegal substances, racial slurs, and other inappropriate behavior.

If you witness any harassment or questionable behavior, please notify a Blizzard tournament director as soon as you feel safe in doing so. We will respond quickly and discreetly.


Please abstain from explicit or excessive profanity while playing at Blizzard. Blizzard is a family-friendly environment for individuals of all ages, and we strive to respect the other players, regardless if they are participating in the event.

Blizzard Mountain 3-Strike System

Should a player not adhere to the above guidelines, they may be warned, disqualified, and/or banned from participating in future events.

         1st offense: Warning

         2nd offense: Suspension from the current or a future event

         3rd offense: Expulsion from future events, such as league or tournaments

Examples of offenses: A player yells profanities/uses offensive language at a tournament director/player. A player who is waiting for their turn to play is interfering with an active player by making disparaging or purposefully distracting comments to them.

Should someone display such egregious behavior that a warning is an insufficient consequence, the tournament director may instead issue a suspension or expulsion right away at their discretion.

If a tournament director does not first-hand witness an event at Blizzard that involves two parties both claiming harassment or hostility towards each other, both parties will be excused for the night, and the tournament directors will take the necessary time and measures to interview both sides and witnesses before making the appropriate call. If we determine one player is not an offending party and had been excused, we will work with the player to provide a remedy to the situation.

Aggression Toward Inanimate Objects

Abusive handling of machines, outside the parameters of normal play, during league or tournament play is grounds for a warning. Destruction or damage to Blizzard Mountain Pinball property or the property of other players is also grounds for a warning, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the severity of the damage.

Interactions with Tournament Directors

Any player who behaves rudely or inappropriately toward tournament directors may be warned, disqualified, or asked to leave the event at the tournament director’s discretion. Tournament director rulings are final and always in the best interest of fair play. Please remember that your tournament directors have an official set of rules they use to make rulings from the IFPA/PAPA: You cannot win a rule argument with a tournament director as they are simply an extension of rules that were written long ago, and these rules are inherently agreed upon when you participate in a Blizzard event. If a player feels the tournament director made an incorrect call, they are allowed to seek the second opinion of another tournament director.

Expeditious Play and Personal Responsibility

Players are expected to report to their assigned game in a timely manner and to check in with the other player or players in their assigned group. Excessive delays in reporting to games, reporting results, or absences during gameplay after a match has begun will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in disqualification/ejection from the event.

Being a Good Sport

Win gracefully, lose gracefully, and don’t take competition too seriously. Excessive gloating, pouting, or complaining makes you look bad and interferes with other players’ enjoyment. Being an excessively poor sport to the extent that it impacts the play or enjoyment of other players may result in warnings, disqualification, or indefinite suspension.

Amendments to the Code of Conduct

Blizzard Mountain Pinball reserves the right to make changes to this document at our discretion.

Acceptance of Rules and Policies

By participating in organized play at Blizzard Mountain Pinball, players are affirming that they will abide by the rules of behavioral expectations.

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